Heya All!

I am starting to make this webstarts (Sounds cool right?) and pretty amazed that the b-log function is disabled and I have to pay for it. Nevermind that's ok since I want to learn new thing on the blog which can increase my knowledge both in writing and surfing the internet.

I am using Slowwiga name because it has divided into two words (Slow and Wiga). First, I didn't like to finish every task of my activities in fast time. I really want to make things prepared as much as perfect. That's why slow is also important in some conditions.

Second, Wiga is my nickname. I got this name when my friends call that, it is small history that I have. So usually we call nigga as we meet our friend, but my friend called me Wiga and other friends starts to call me the same name. That's pretty funny but also ridiculous.

My hobby is study especially in astronomi things. I love about examining about the Unusual thing in the world (such as stars, unmarked comet and others). Besides that, I also love doing fishing, playing games, chess and others. This place will become my time-space to know anything about me. I shall update this regularly.

As I have promised before, I have made list of articles which can be found here. You can check it regularly since it will be modified a lot only in that page (not this one).

Just a small note. All of article will be listed on list article. I will not make new page since it was limited on the site. You can keep reading of my article in that page